April Is Animal Cruelty Awareness Month

April Is Animal Cruelty Awareness Month

In the words of Charles Darwin, "Love for living creatures is the noblest attribute of man." And because animals are the sweetest and the most amazing friend's anyone can have, their protection becomes the responsibility of mankind.

Although, with increasing awareness, the love and care for both pet and wild animals have taken a new enthusiastic form. Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. be a better companion and moreover their loyalty and love know no boundaries.

Because we are the civilized beings of the planet, it is our prime duty to nurture and protect other creatures of nature. Thus, to celebrate the relation of animals and humans, and to show the respect animals deserve, the month of April is known for spreading awareness towards animal cruelty.

Animal cruelty, also known as animal abuse is stated as using animals by humans for their benefits or inflicting pain on purpose. Zoosadism or abusing animals is not only against the law, but also it is inhuman on our part to treat another living creature with disrespect and cruelty. For such reasons, a month has been contributed to the work of spreading animal cruelty awareness, to spread the message of love and justice towards these mute creatures.

Therefore, to make our contribution towards this noble cause, Elements Watches donates 10% of its watch sales to the animal shelters and prevention of human cruelty. Our exclusive collection of Best Friend watches motivates the buyers to invest in these "watches with a cause."

There are so many animals that are provided shelter in the U.S every year, the majority of which are dogs and cats. And we genuinely believe that helping our fellow creatures can bring happiness to them. Therefore we market watches that donate to the charity. After all, our little contribution can give these beautiful creatures a safe and happy life.

Surprisingly, there is a number of different forms of animal abuse. From neglecting these harmless creatures by showing rude and indifferent behavior or by devoiding them of the basic needs of water and food, to breeding them in groups for personal benefits to the extent that is life-threatening for them.

Usually, such type of breeding is known as milling and is generally done with puppies. They are kept in unhealthy conditions, in cages or stacked up in a small place.

Moreover, very commonly the animals are tamed to be a part of circus shows or be a sport in adventurous games like bullfighting. Even large scale industrial animal farming is also seen as cruelty towards animals. Because, animals are kept in large numbers at these places. Therefore, it is not possible to give proper care to each animal.

Being the sensible beings of the planet, we should do every bit to help our fellow creatures live a better life. There are a few ways by which you can be a part of April animal cruelty prevention.

You can be active on social media to spread awareness by promoting campaigns. We, at Elements watches, promote watches for cause on facebook and Instagram accounts. Moreover, adopting a pet is always special. You provide shelter to a needy as well as you gift yourself a new friend, and therefore, the watches that donate to the charity donates the share of its earning to the cause of providing shelter to little animals.

Moreover, our watch brand has also donated to the Best Friend Animal Society. Besides, FOLAS, i.e., Friends of Linden Animal shelter, that is an all-volunteer nonprofitable animal rescue group has also received the generous donation by the sale of our watches with a cause.

Because we have strong feelings and a sense of responsibility towards these lovely creatures of our planet, thus our team designs unique watches that along with being perfect for you also contribute a large amount of shares to charities and foundations like Greater Good, who constantly work in making this planet a better place of people and pet.

Animals just like humans, deserve respect and love. Life is as precious to a mute animal as it is to man and therefore we should all contribute as much as we can in the noble cause of spreading awareness against animal cruelty this April.