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Watches For Dark Skin Tone

Choosing a wristwatch that matches your skin tone can be challenging, mainly because we each have our color preferences. However, consumers should take note that choosing a color that complements our tone can transform our style. Also, consumers have to prioritize identifying their skin tone before choosing a watch they want to buy. Consumers need to buy timepieces that fit their preferences since wearing something you love enables you to feel more confident about yourself. Consumers should also realize that there will always be situations where a wristwatch looks extremely good on display but has a different vibe when worn. Thus, making watch shopping even more of a challenge. The reason why choosing a watch that matches your skin tone...

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Affordable Watch Gift Ideas for her & him

When it comes to watches, the perfect gift does exist. In this quick article, we’ll be reviewing affordable watch gift ideas for her and him.  Watches serve both functional and emotional benefits. So every time your special someone goes to check the time, they’ll be warmly reminded of you. With proper care, these watches should be treasured for years to come.  Here are six affordable watch gift ideas to explore. 

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Research is what has made a lot of progress in breast cancer to happen. Many institutions dedicated to research have reported great discoveries that have prevented breast cancer deaths. Thanks to dedicated companies such as Elements Watches who donate 10% of their sales to cancer research many women have gotten help. New treatment options have been developed and there are now fewer deaths related to breast cancer. When more companies like Elements Watches donate a percentage of their sales to breast cancer research, there will reach a point where there will be zero deaths or no cases of breast cancer. That day will be a great day for the world and for women who are the most affected.

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