The Gift of Education - Each purchase supports local schools

The Gift of Education - Each purchase supports local schools


The Art Of Giving: The Timepiece As The Great Gift

Watches are unique gift regardless what the price point. If you think about the three best material gifts you’ve ever given, chances are they include a watch. That’s partly merely because most another gift you can give a person gets disposed of at some point. Even if you give a person your car, it won’t last for a long time. A watch, however, is an intensely personal gift which will most likely last for the wearer’s whole lifetime — and beyond, through future generations. It’s giving someone the gift of time.

Graduation is a significant milestone in one’s lifetime, and gifts indeed should mark the occasion appropriately. Grads are going to remember the day for the rest of their life. Therefore, it makes sense to give a gift that will last forever. This is also an excellent time to pass down a family watch or heirloom piece of jewelry, which makes it a fantastic time to be appreciated.

The Gift Of Time

Watches can be with a person where ever they are going and worn in any occasion. Investing in a good watch is very important, this way your grad won’t need to worry about replacing it after only some years.

It is graduation season! Finding out the best thing to give or receive is not truly difficult (tip: it is a wristwatch), and here at ELEMENTWATCHES, we have decided to make that entire process effortless for you. If you are a newly minted adult, here's what to ask for it. If you are a parent or guardian, rich uncle, or behind-the-scenes benefactor, here is the best place to choose great horological masterpiece to commemorate their last day before the grind.


Giving a person a watch for graduation indicates the passing of a period, the passing of the torch from one generation to the next. And a watch is lasting and useful, the same way that education is —a tool you will have for the rest of your lifetime.

Graduation Wrap-Up

A perfect watch also can set your graduate apart from other people when they are interviewing for jobs. The Harvard Business Review recently wrote about employers’ reactions to the brand's people wear.

By choosing a watch from ELEMENTSWATCHES, your graduate is sure to remember their special day. Whether you are looking for a gift for high school, college, graduate school or beyond, your gift will be unforgettable. Celebrate their graduation with a watch gift and they will have it forever and can even pass down to future graduates.