Back to School – Watches for A Cause

Back to School – Watches for A Cause

We know that back to school season can be daunting!


Between finding the right class materials and mentally preparing your kids to be in the classroom once again, you have a lot to organize and so much back to school shopping to worry about!


With so many less fortunate out there, we want to take the time to acknowledge the heavy burdens that they carry and see what we can do to help.

Watches for A Cause
We hear more and more about those children who cannot afford even the basic school supplies, preventing them from excelling at school. This is a cause close to our hearts and that we want to make a difference and be one of the companies that donate to charity, especially with causes so important to our society as educating youth.


That is why here at Elements Watches we have committed to donating 10% of sales to local schools. So, when you make a purchase from us, you are also making positive changes in the lives of others. By purchasing one of our charity watches, we will donate to programs that help get these children proper school materials and help supply resources to inner city and underfunded schools across the United States.

The Scholar Range for Back to School
If a watch was on your list for back to school shopping then we have the perfect range of studious watches for you! Our ‘Scholar’ range of watches are specifically designed with students in mind, equipping them with all of the tools they need to exceed. These tailor-made designs come in a range of options, because we understand each student is unique.

Scholar 40 Mesh
For those edgy students who prefer a tougher band to the regular will love the mesh details of this classic design.

Scholar 36 Mahogany
For those with a more matured and sophisticated style, you cannot go past the Mahogany.

Scholar 40 Slate and Scholar 36 Noir
These classic designs feature a leather strap and use mineral glass. Our pick is the stark contrast of the Slate against the matte black watch face.

Important to note is that each watch design features the Japanese Miyota GL20 Movement for optimal performance and comes with a 2-year warranty. We stand by the quality of our watches and are proud to offer such superior products for an affordable cost.

With Elements Watches you are investing in a beautiful timepiece while helping US children receive materials for back to school! You are getting only the highest quality product and contributing to a larger cause at the same time.


Here at Elements Watches we believe that education is essential and we want to ensure that the children of the United States have access to the materials they need to succeed. Education is a gift that can never be taken away from us so let us ensure we can do our best to protect the education of future generations through our ‘Watches for A Cause’ program.