Watches For Dark Skin Tone

Watches For Dark Skin Tone

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Choosing a wristwatch that matches your skin tone can be challenging, mainly because we each have our color preferences. However, consumers should take note that choosing a color that complements our tone can transform our style. Also, consumers have to prioritize identifying their skin tone before choosing a watch they want to buy.

Consumers need to buy timepieces that fit their preferences since wearing something you love enables you to feel more confident about yourself. Consumers should also realize that there will always be situations where a wristwatch looks extremely good on display but has a different vibe when worn. Thus, making watch shopping even more of a challenge.

The reason why choosing a watch that matches your skin tone is essential to enhancing your style is because your timepiece always rests against your skin. Further, apart from the color and material of the watch strap, you should also consider the material and color of the watch face. Here is a guide to choosing a watch that matches your skin tone.

Determine Your Skin Tone

One of the essential factors consumers have to remember when determining their skin tone is that undertone should also be taken into consideration. Skin tone, also known as the surface color of the skin, can either be light, medium, or dark.Take note that skin tone also depends on your genetic makeup you’re born in and the environment you’re in that’ll make your skin to adapt to the climate. For instance, if you’re born in sunnier regions, such as Africa, India, or the Middle East, you’ll usually have a dark skin tone that produces more melanin.

You must know the three categories of skin tone since they will serve as a guide for you before you choose a watch. Here are three different skin tone categories to help you determine which tone is yours.

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Fair or light skin tones are common for people who live in countries with constant cloud coverage or snowfall, such as northern Europe or North America. People born and raised in these regions have light skin tones because they don’t need melanin protection from the sun.


Medium skin tone, sometimes known as olive, is a neutral skin tone that can be seen on people with a Northern Asian or Southern Europe descent. People who live in these regions have balanced beige skin tones because of the hot and cold weather.

Dressing for Skin Tone


People with dark skin tone are usually from countries that have the most exposure to sunlight, such as in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, or Africa. People have dark skin tones in such regions because of the high amount of melanin they need to protect their skin from UV radiation.

Importance of Skin Undertones

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Skin undertones are different shades of skin tones that can be seen underneath your skin. Consumers have to keep in mind the skin undertones play an essential role in enhancing your outfit and accessories, especially if you’re fond of mixing and matching. The most crucial fact about skin undertones is that they will never change, unlike skin tones.

Besides skin tones, skin undertones also have three different categories consumers have to take note of when choosing a watch. Since watches have different colors and materials, knowing what your skin undertone is can serve as a guide to choosing a timepiece that can highlight your skin tone. However, even though there are three types of skin undertones, people of different skin tones can either have one of the three types of skin undertones. Here are the three different types of skin undertones.


The cool skin undertone is evident in people with a bluish, pink, or red complexion.


The neutral skin undertone is evident in people with a combination of the cool and warm skin undertones in their complexion. 


The warm skin undertone is evident in people with a yellowish complexion whenever they’re under the sun.

What Color Looks Best on Dark Skin

Selecting a Watch

After identifying which category of tone your skin belongs to as well as the skin undertone you have, choosing a watch that matches your skin tone becomes easier. Since colors play an essential role in transforming our style, we also have to know how to match the color of the number one jewelry for both men and women, a timepiece.

Watch Straps

The best way to choose a watch that’ll match your skin tone is to start with the watch strap. Consumers should keep in mind that they can wear any watch straps that are irrespective of skin tone and undertone, except for metal bracelets. Further, their watch strap can either be leather, plastic, rubber, or synthetic.

For metal watch straps, the most common colors are either black, silver or rose gold. If you don’t know how to match metal with your skin tone, the best method to determine whether gold or silver looks better is to check your undertone. The reason being is that gold looks better on people with warm undertones, while silver looks better on people with cool undertones.

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Moreover, if you have a fair or dark skin tone with a warm undertone, wearing a gold watch helps you enhance and evolve your outfit. Since wristwatches serve as your statement piece, carelessly wearing a silver watch can have the opposite effect if you aim to catch the attention of people around you.

Gems & Dials 

Another feature of timepieces that you have to consider apart from the watch strap is dials and gems. For women who prefer to wear watches with gem embellishments, cool undertones look best with brighter colors such as green, yellow, orange, or red to give off more energy. However, warm undertones look best with earthy tones such as brown, khaki, yellow, or orange.

For the watch dials, having metal dials apply the same rules for when wearing a metal watch strap. One essential feature that people with warm skin undertones should keep in mind that a white watch dial won’t compliment your skin tone. In the same manner, black or earth-toned watch dials won’t look as great for people with cool skin undertones.

Final Thoughts

People should never overlook the power of their skin tone and undertone since they’re essential for mixing and matching the colors you’ll be wearing. For people to look fashionable and stylish, they always have to make sure that the watches they wear serves as a statement piece, not just an addition to your outfit.