Affordable Watch Gift Ideas for her & him

Affordable Watch Gift Ideas for her & him

When it comes to watches, the perfect gift does exist. In this quick article, we’ll be reviewing affordable watch gift ideas for her and him. 

Watches serve both functional and emotional benefits. So every time your special someone goes to check the time, they’ll be warmly reminded of you. With proper care, these watches should be treasured for years to come. 

Here are six affordable watch gift ideas to explore. 

Watch Gift Ideas for Her 

Life 36 Rose 

This watch is both fashionable and functional. It features a round 36mm face with a minimalist but classy design. With a black dial, it’s red minute hand stands out vibrantly. The watch’s strap is stainless steel rose gold mesh. 

Life 36 Rose is perfect for a stylish woman with simple tastes. It can be paired with almost any outfit, which makes it an everyday piece. 

Strength 36 Mahogany 

If she’s a comfy leather watch type of girl, she’ll love the Strength 36 Mahogany. Its strap is made of a soft but sturdy brown leather band. The pink single minute hand and gemstone contrasts its black dial in an elegant finish. 

This watch sits perfectly on any wrist size. The pairing of the black dial and rich brown leather lends a sophisticated look to any wearer. 

Strength 40 Mesh 

From it’s black, stainless steel mesh band to its simple black dial, this watch is designed for everyday use. Additional features include a pink minute hand and a single pink gem, which both compliment the black dial. 

At 40mm, this watch’s face lends an oversized appeal that works perfectly for women. It’s a sturdy piece that can last a lifetime when maintained. 

Watch Gift Ideas for Him 

Life 40 Mesh 

It’s not easy to find a watch that pairs perfectly with dress clothes but also blends (understatedly) with casuals. This watch does both and more. Its sleek design is from the combination of a black dial, red minute hand, and a red gemstone. 

This watch holds more value than its retail price. It’s a unique piece that provides everything a man needs in a wristwatch. 

Scholar 40 Mahogany 

At first glance, this watch’s design may seem expected. However, a closer look will show you that it stands out from the other options in the market. In this case, what you don’t see is just as important as what you do. 

The design implemented for this watch is simple and minimal. It features a black dial, striking blue minute hand and gemstone, and brown leather strap. When these features are combined, they provide a contrast that is simply beautiful to see. 

Life 40 Noir 

Every man needs an all-black dress watch, which pairs perfectly with smart outfits. The Life 40 Noir is that watch. Both the leather strap and dial are a vibrant black color. This helps the red minute hand to stand out clearly. 

This quality timepiece can be worn to formal events, meetings, and the office. Its smooth design will add the needed finishing touch to the right outfit. 

Found the perfect watch for gifting yet? At Elements Watch, we’ve designed and developed a wide selection of wristwatches for everyone. You’re sure to find something that fits right in with your special someone’s style. You can also click on the product links to explore full feature descriptions. 

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As you gift your loved one, someone somewhere receives a little gift too, thanks to you!