Conscious Fashion Choices for Women

Conscious Fashion Choices for Women

We live in an era of fast fashion, where our consumption of cheap disposable clothing has become insatiable. We spend thousands of dollars on clothes and apparel we never use, without ever thinking about the consequences of our spending or considering to give back to society. The excuse that there aren’t any good choices in conscious fashion isn’t valid anymore, as countless fashion companies such as Toms and H&M have started to support charitable causes and consider sustainability.

If you’ve ever stopped to consider where the clothing and apparel you buy comes from, who makes it, and if your shopping choices can affect the world you live in, then it means that you care about conscious fashion. We’re at the point of the year when all of us our making (and breaking) new resolutions, so why not make one that really matters? Here are some tips for conscious fashion for women.

Donate Items You Don’t Use

According to a report by CreditDonkey, women in the US have an average of $1000 to $2500 worth of clothing sitting in their wardrobe. What’s more, 50% of women claim that 25% of their wardrobe sits in the closet collecting dust. Donating items you don’t use not only enables you to help those in need, but it also results in a clutter free closet.

Repair Instead of Replacing

Garment care is vital for a more manageable and sustainable closet. To extend the life of the garments in your closet, adhere to the care instructions on the tags, and deal with the basic wear and tear with a little needle and thread work. If you aren’t too good with a needle and thread, or your garment require repairs that are a bit too complicated for you, seek the help of your local tailor or seamstress.

Invest in Brands that Give Back

There are ways to give back to society other than donating to or volunteering at charities. In fact, you can make a difference by just supporting and investing in brands that are affiliated with charities. For instance, at Elements Watches, our different lines of watches for both men and women are dedicated to supporting a separate charity or cause, which include breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, child education and animal welfare. The distinguishing factor that separates our watches is a unique color accent, with each color corresponding to a certain cause. 10% of all the profits we make from selling our watches is donated to the causes we support.

At Elements Watch Company, we aim to provide our customers with something more than just a stylish minimalistic watch, we provide them with a way to support a cause they are passionate about, and be proud about it. For further details, get in touch with us.