October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast Cancer facts

Breast cancer commonly occurs in women and it is the second most common cancer of all types. Over 2 million new cases of cancer were recorded in just 25 countries where the cases were rampant. According to researchers, the consumption of alcoholic drinks, greater birth weight, and adult attain height were the major causes of premenopausal breast cancer. The researchers further established that vigorous physical activity and greater body fatness protects against premenopausal breast cancer. Lactation has also been known to protect against breast cancer.

Not women only.

There have been instances where men too have been affected by breast cancer. In the UK alone, for example, every year around 350 men are diagnosed with breast cancer with around 30 in Scotland.

Causes of breast cancer

Breast cancer is mainly caused by a combination of our genes and the lifestyle choices we make along with the surrounding environment. There are factors that can increase or decrease the risk of developing breast cancer. One of the common risk factors is increasing age. Actually, four out of five breast cancers occur in women over 50 years.

There have been common cases whereby breast cancer runs in the family. Still, you can lower your risk of developing cancer by making changes in your lifestyle such as drinking less, maintaining a healthy weight by exercising a lot.

Detecting breast cancer

Successful treatment of the disease is often determined by earlier detection. In most countries, women over 50years are entitled to free breast screening. In most cases, a 50-year-old woman would get their first appointment between their 50th and 53rd birthdays. Then they will keep receiving an invitation every three years until they are 70 years old. However, don’t wait until you are 50, it is important to be breast aware.

Being breast aware

Being breast away just means knowing your breast well. It means knowing how your breast looks and feel normally and always being on the lookout for any unusual changes. After all, no one knows your body better than you.

Breast Cancer treatment

Often times patients of breast cancer will have more than one treatment. The treatment options and in the order in which they are administered will often depend on the particular circumstances of the patient and how advanced the cancer is. Many women will undergo surgery to remove cancerous tissue from the breast and also from the armpit if it is affected. After the treatment, the patient will receive additional treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and drugs that will help reduce the risk of cancer returning or spreading.


How many survive

Compared to past years more women are currently surviving breast cancer because of better awareness, better screening, better treatments, and better cancer research. Around 5 out six women diagnosed with breast cancer will be alive in 5 years times compared to three out of six women 40 years ago. However, still, thousands of women around the world still die of breast cancer. That is unfortunate because if more research on breast cancer happens, eventually there will be some effective prevention discovered or a form of treatment that treats even the most advanced cases of breast cancer.


Funding for breast cancer research

Research is what has made a lot of progress in breast cancer to happen. Many institutions dedicated to research have reported great discoveries that have prevented breast cancer deaths. Thanks to dedicated companies such as Elements Watches who donate 10% of their sales to cancer research many women have gotten help. New treatment options have been developed and there are now fewer deaths related to breast cancer. When more companies like Elements Watches donate a percentage of their sales to breast cancer research, there will reach a point where there will be zero deaths or no cases of breast cancer. That day will be a great day for the world and for women who are the most affected.