Watches Over Sleeves - How To Wear A Watch Over Your Sleeves

Watches Over Sleeves - How To Wear A Watch Over Your Sleeves

Stylish Hack: Watches Over Sleeves 

Watches Over Sleeves


With the exaggerated sleeve trend in full force, the practicality of daily tasks becomes apparent. But hey, they look great and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so as anyone does in a time of change, we adapt.

Speaking of time, that watch of yours isn’t going to get much airplay hiding under those sleeves of yours. An easy solution as well as also being quite an esthetically pleasing one is taking the watch to the outer layers. Wrapping your watch over your sleeves creates a makeshift cuff, adding volume and shape, as well as being one of the most practical solutions to that completely impractical but ever so cool top of yours.

Also makes the perfect small wrist hack (or if your too lazy to have your watch adjusted 😬…

How to wear Watches with long sleeves Wear your Watch over you sleeve

Its a stylish alternative and not your traditional watch wearing etiquette but you have that beautiful watch, why not show it off! From an Elements Watch, MVMT, Daniel Wellington or even a Rolex, let that beautiful watch shine through for everyone to see. 

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Let's Start With Straps First

Wristwatches consist of two basic parts: the dial and the strap. Both of these must be chosen according to some rules in order to achieve the perfect combination. Let's start with the straps first: How should we pick them when we are wearing long-sleeved clothes? We can say that there are two basic rules in this regard:

  • Metal or black leather straps should be preferred for business clothes. If you are not working in a strict dress code, you can also opt for brown leather straps
  • Light-colored leather straps or silicone straps may be preferred for casual clothes. However, if you are going to engage in a sportive activity, try to use a silicone strap: Physical friction and sweat will damage the leather straps.

Wearing a Wristwatch for Long Sleeves

Before moving on to the rules of combination, let's talk about four important things to consider:

  1. The first rule is that about 75% of your watch should disappear inside the sleeves while your arm is straight. In other words, your watch should come out fully only when you fold your arm. If you can see the entire watch while your arm is straight, your clothing will fold up too much when you fold your arm, and this will not create a pleasant appearance.
  2. The second rule is that your watch should always stay under your sleeve. You should wear your watch under your clothing, not above.
  3. The third rule is that the watch should be thin enough to slip easily under the sleeves of the shirt or jacket.
  4. The fourth rule is that the strap should fit firmly around your wrist. If the watch moves in the same direction when you move your arm up and down, it is not tight enough. Whatever position your arm is in, the watch should always remain in the same position.

Creating Watch Combinations with Long Sleeves

The first thing you should pay attention to is color harmony. As a general rule, the color of your strap should match the color of your clothes. In this context, the things you should pay attention to are:

  • Watches with metal straps are suitable for dark brown and black clothing. However, we recommend using matte metal only: A shiny metal strap can spoil the harmonious look.
  • Golden straps (and other light/soft hues) go well with earth-colored clothing (beige, bronze, and light brown).


For instance, if you are wearing a classic outfit (such as a black suit and black tie), you should choose watches with a classic and dark dial design. There should be no digital displays on the dial, as long as possible Likewise, it would be a better choice if the design of the dial is simple and does not contain many indicators.

For the clothing style called business-casual, the classic dial design should be preferred, but the dial can contain indicators such as a chronometer or a double-date. For sportswear, dials with LCD displays can be chosen. Remember that Welder watches can display different colors on the dial thanks to their photochromic lenses and will attract attention regardless of your style of clothing.